Monday, February 13, 2017

Love and War: A Non-Traditionalist's Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day. Roses. Jumbo heart-shaped balloons. Oversized teddy bears. Hallmark cards filled with someone's deepest sentiments and red glitter... 

I hate to be a Scrooge, but I can totally do without all the theatrics this year. Don't get me wrong, I love love! I am a true romantic. I believe the fairytale is real. But I the older I get, the more non-traditional I get and the more I enjoy creating my own way of doing things. The idea of wearing red from head to toe (especially since red doesn't work well with my very yellow skin tone), and trying to find something festive that doesn't look cheap, and waiting for an additional hour to get that french mani/pedi with one red nail with a heart design simply makes me cringe. It was totally cute when I was a teenager, but as I got older, and looked around the crowded restaurants at other couples dressed almost exactly like us... It lost its novelty. This year, I want to keep things simple. And since VDay falls on a Tuesday this year, I am more than happy to just enjoy some Quality Time, Hi-Five style (Don't get the reference? Google it!).

Because I plan on going to the movies, pigging out on snacks, and bringing the kiddo along, I kept my non-traditional valentine's date night look utilitarian. Army fatigue can hide little kiddo spills without the stains being obvious. Overalls will hide my inevitable food baby (cuz I'm eating til my heart's content). And wearing the heels adds intrigue and keeps me from falling into full on soccer-mom mode. 

I hope you have a phenomenal Valentine's Day, no matter how you choose to celebrate!

Distressed Fatigue Overalls // Ribbed Turtleneck // H&M Longline Coat - no longer available (similar) // Pom Pom Pumps //

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Photography by Stephanie Omens (@bloggerscaptured)

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Gossip Girl

This weekend, I watched my beloved Atlanta Falcons #RiseUp and dominate 3 quarters in the Super Bowl 51... and then they hit their plateau. Although I am disappointed in the outcome of the game, I am still so proud of my home team making it all the way to the Super Bowl and giving the league's current record holding quarterback (Brady has 5 rings now) a run for his money!

After faithfully wearing Falcons Red and Black for a week, I was happy to change into something more me. So I channeled my inner Blair Waldorf and came up with this look. I spent the day in downtown Decatur with my favorite girls: my mom and my daughter. 

Although this was not a practical outfit to be in to walk around a city with a toddler, I still thoroughly enjoyed how it came together, and better yet, how it made me feel. It's amazing how getting dressed can change your entire demeanor!


Coat: (old) Forever21 (similar here) // Blazer: (old) Banana Republic (similar here) // Bell sleeve blouse: H&M (similar here) // Skirt: (old) (similar here) // Pumps: purchased at a shop in Italy (similar here and wishlisting these)

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fancy Favorite: Chokers

Accessories are probably my favorite part of getting a look together. You can easily elevate any look from boring to intriguing by simply adding a hat or a statement necklace. Accessories add character, and depth which help personalize any ensemble you decide to wear. People tell me that I can pull off any look... But I remember the 90's being such a struggle for me, accessories-wise. I hated slap bracelets. My full lips really didn't need to be oversaturated with strawberry roll-on lipgloss. Butterfly clips got caught on double dutch ropes during recess. Chokers didn't fit over my water head. And the chokers thing really bothered me since I physically couldn't wear them since those short neck, big head Earle genes (lol) were passed down to me... therefore wearing chokers was a trend I knew I'd have to opt out of. So imagine how heartbroken I was when chokers came back in style.

But, wait! The style of chokers today are not the chokers of yore. The style have been elevated. They aren't necessarily made out of stretchy plastic. They come with lobster claw or adjustable closures (thank the heavens above!!!). Also, they come in so many different styles, you don't have to worry about wearing the exact same style as everyone in your 3rd period British Lit class. With this new discovery, I was beyond excited to partner with Choke Me, Inc. to get my hands on some exciting new pieces, which are all a la Kim K West. Check out some of my favorite looks with them below.

Wearing "Seduction" on date night

Wearing "Seduction" to Girls' Night Out

Wearing "Kriss Kross" in tan

Wearing "Kriss Kross" in black

Wearing "Lovelace" for a blog post

Wearing "Lovelace" to the beach in Puerto Rico

Wearing "Bling" to my birthday dinner

Choke Me, Inc. has impeccable customer service (Brittany is a doll) and they constantly update their inventory. I love Choke Me, Inc. so much that I want you guys to get a piece of the action! Like my last IG post (featuring Choke Me, Inc.) and comment "done" below to get entered to win "Disco" which is perfect for being EXTRA on a chill day or making a bold statement during a night out. A winner will be chosen January 23, 2017.