Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Holi-Date Night

I teamed up with Adore me to bring you an easy date night look. Adore Me is subscriotion-style lingerie retailer. You're able to get cute, affordable, yet luxe lingerie from a curated showroom once a month. I love lingerie. So much so that I purchase something fun and new every pay period for a job well done! :) Plus, not wearing the proper undergarments can totally kill your outfit. It is literally the foundation of any look. And for date night... it's vitally important *wink, wink*
Check out their Pinterest page for inspo for your next lingerie purchase.

It's been a long standing tradition for me to go to the movies on Christmas Day. I don't know how or why the tradition started but I make it a point to see the last playing movie on Christmas Day every year. I started doing this in high school and still enjoy doing it to this day. It used to just be something else to do. Now it's a bit of a reward/stress reliever after my little one goes to bed and all the buzzing and whirring and squealing and laughing has quieted down. Christmas takes a lot outta you!

I usually change out of my festive wear, and put on something a bit more casual. This year, there was no time for that, but that didn't ruin anything. "Sing" was the movie of choice this year. I ate way too much popcorn and danced to some of my favorite songs and laughed until my stomach hurt. It was magical. I felt like a kid again.

photography by Pamela Patterson


Off-white turtleneck: H&M // Black duster: (old) Missguided (similar) // Buffalo plaid skirt: Old Navy // Fringe booties: Traffic (similar) // Lipstick: MAC "Russian Red"
Fancy Baby Style- dress: Cat & Jack at Target // Shoes: Cat & Jack at Target - now on sale! // Jacket: Catherine Malandrino

Christmas break is my favorite holiday season. I stay up late with the kids, allow the sunlight flooding my room to serve as my alarm clock, have too much coquito and cheesecake, and binge watch every cheesy Christmas movie on Netflix.  I hope you all had an amazing holiday and got to spend some quality time with your family.

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Thursday, December 8, 2016

I Woke Up Like This

As a mom, I've learned to value my time on a whole other level! I make everything multi-purpose. I've learned that white vinegar cleans literally everything from mirrors and bath tubs, to carpet stains and laundry. I've mastered the art of using bronzer as eye shadow and eye shadows as matte lip color. So it is only right that I find new ways to make my wardrobe multi-purpose as well.

I was approached by the owner of Saxy's to show you guys how to make sleepwear into streetwear. Challenge accepted! I was drawn to the Victoria set because, duh... Black and white. I wasn't sure how I'd style it but the set looked so comfy, and cute enough to wear when I'm pretending to be the "Lady of the Manor".

I wore the set to bed for 2 days just to gauge the comfort level. The fabric is soft and stretchy. The lace isn't stiff or itchy and provides a sweet detail on the shoulders and a bit of sexy along the bottom trim of the shorts. This set made me want to step my nighttime routine up a bit too. If I was gonna go to sleep in something this cute, I had to make everything match. I got new fluffy white slippers, started wearing my black and white eye mask to bed, and I brought out my favorite B mug again. Funny how clothes can change your life.

I struggled wearing this as a day outfit simply because it's been COLD AND RAINY in Atlanta! I appreciate the rain ending the drought... But shooting in white shorts in the rain? Nah, B. When I finally got a sunny day, I went for it! I pulled a "borrowed from the boy" shirt over the entire set, put on a choker, a dark lippie, over the knee boots, and a dash of faux fur and I was ready for my day date at the movies in 10 minutes or less! I don't think it gets much better than that!

Multi-purpose sleepwear is my new wave. I love lounging around, and I'm always running behind schedule due to my not wanting to stop lounging. This was perfect for me to get up early to decorate the tree, then get ready at the last minute and still look chic. I'm totally a fan!

Saxy's is currently running a promo for FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $75!


"Victoria" PJ Shorts Set: Saxy's // OTK boots: (sold out) New York and Co (similar) // Faux fur stole: (old) Forever 21 (similar) // Choker: Choke Me Inc (more details to follow!!)

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