Saturday, December 12, 2015

Outerwear Options for the Frugally Fancy

I can always count on the weather to turn cold right before my birthday. And this year, holding true to tradition, the temps dropped dramatically and it was officially time to start layering up. But knowing Georgia weather patterns, warmer temps may return before the end of the year. *side eye*
 I'm not really into outerwear (I prefer to simply pile on a scarf and my trusty leather jacket) but this year, I figure I'll be an adult and get a coat. My first stop was "Old Faithful", or what regular people call it, J. Crew. I've always been obsessed with how chic their fall/winter lookbooks are. But after checking a few price tags, I realized that my bank account would hate me no matter how chic I ended up looking. So I wandered in to Forever21, where I was pleasantly surprised to find so many inexpensive (under $100) options. I figured I would share a few of my favorites. Hopefully this helps out anybody else who's suddenly in dire need of some cold-weather coverage. Good luck!

Outerwear Options ft Forever21

Outerwear Options ft Forever21 by fancybstyle 

Forever 21 is currently having a 50% off winter sale, plus free shipping on orders over $30. This offer is available in-store as well as online. Get your favorite while it's still in stock!

Click the icons below to browse, or follow the links provided to shop directly!

1) Belted Trench Overcoat // 2) Faux Fur Tweed Coat // 3) Toggle-Front Plaid Coat // 4) Longline Plaid Coat // 5) Longline Faux Fur // 6) Faux Fur-trimmed Duster Coat // 7) Colorblocked Faux Fur Coat

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Monday, November 9, 2015

e.l.f. Haul + First Impressions

If you've visited Fancy B Style before, you're well aware that I enjoy budget-friendly shopping. If I can get it on sale, use a coupon, or receive an incentive, I'm all for it. This is always the case when I'm shopping for clothes, but tends to be a little harder when shopping for makeup because... well, because I'm addicted to MAC and they just don't do sales!! Well, EyesLipsFace (usually just called E.L.F.) is here to save a chick! When it comes to good quality makeup that doesn't have to put you in debt, E.L.F. has you covered. Many of their products start at just $1 and can be found in Target and are easily accessible online as well.

this is the beautiful e.l.f. display at my local Target. Fancy, right?!

I decided to do a mini haul of the items I've recently purchased from their site and a general first impressions on some of the items I used immediately. I only spent $35 for all of the items I purchased. That's the same price as one MAC foundation.

BRUSHES (top to bottom): 

FACE (clockwise from top):
contour palette- $6; corrective concealer quad (color: Neutralize & Conceal)- $3; HD mattifying cream foundation (color: Buff #83163)- $6; and daily hydration moisturizer- $8 
NOT SHOWN: high definition underage setting powder (color: sheer)- $3

conditioning lip balm SPF 15 (color: Mellow Melon)- $3; essential lipstick (color: Posh)- $1  

I used all of the products listed above and I can honestly say that I am pleased with every item! I especially liked the moisturizer. I have extremely dry skin (thanks, seborrheic dermatitis) and this moisturizer was thick enough that I didn't feel like I needed to add my usual layer of vitamin E oil on top. All of the products applied have good color payoff and I was surprised by how high quality and luxurious all of the items were. The brushes were all super soft, applied product well, and did not shed when I washed them (yes, wash new brushes BEFORE using them). My simple fall makeup look lasted all day. I did not touch up at all throughout the day. The lipstick did fade after lunch, which is to be expected with creamy lip colors. But other than that, I was set!

When I bought my products, I used my eBates account so that I could get cash back. So the more I spent, the more money I got in return. If you're not up on eBates, use my referral link HERE to get started today! Ebates saves you money via coupons and cash back offers so I check it before I do any online shopping.

If you were on the fence about the quality of e.l.f. cosmetics, I am here to tell ya to go ahead and take the plunge! You can't really beat $3 makeup and it's a win-win when it actually works like some of the higher end brands.

I hope this helps & thank you so much for stopping by!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Sunday Brunch

Sunday was full of celebration! I celebrated my friend's birthday over brunch at a restaurant in Edgewood. Right after that, I scurried over to Douglasville to celebrate another friend's bridal shower. I was extremely tired, because CP decided she wanted to sleep on my chest all night, instead of in her bed, so I kind of got dressed in a fog. I had worn this outfit for a blog shoot, but never got around to wearing it in "real life" so today was its time to shine!

As you can tell, I'm still 100% obsessed with neutrals. And it worked perfectly for a summertime  girls' brunch and a bridal tea! Simple wins again :)
P.S. Grad school has been kickin' my butt!

I liiiiive for shrimp and grits! I'm a true Georgia Girl!

Crop Top: old (similar) // Lace-trimmed skirt: 10 Dollar Mall (NOW ON SALE) // Hat: Brooks Brothers (NOW ON SALE) // Sandals: Lola Shoetique // "Charlie" name necklace: Onecklace

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

B Happy: 7 Steps to a Happier You

I like to laugh. A LOT!
I like to smile. BIG!
I like to have a good time. OFTEN!
I feel life should be a beautiful story, so every single day I make it my mission to add another page of positivity. Sure, sometimes there are upsets, and sometimes there are tragic scenes-- that's life. However, in the grand scheme of things, it's an endearing story of a girl who just hopes to be a light.

Seven (7) is the number of completeness and perfection (both physical and spiritual). It derives much of its meaning from being tied directly to God’s creation of all things (, 2015). Just so happens seven is my favorite number too! So here are 7 ways to help you create your own version of perfect happiness in your own life. 

1. Wake up with an attitude of GRATITUDE.
When I wake up, I thank God for blessing me to see another day, to enjoy more time with my loved ones, to work on bettering myself, then I meditate (or read my Bible) and pray. Starting your day with this mindset makes it hard to be grumpy. I started keeping a gratitude journal after a crushing break up and it changed my whole perspective. I was so busy counting my blessings, I had no time (nor the desire) to wallow in heartache.

2. Do something SELFLESS.
I'm talking about an act of service for someone who may never repay you. Helping someone in need is one of the easiest and most humane things we can do for one another. Volunteer, assist someone taking their groceries to their car, pay for the order for the car behind you at the drive-thru. You never know how much your kind gesture impacted that other person, but it surely adds to the good in the world.

3. Feed your PASSION.
Blogging and fashion are not only my hobbies; they are my passion projects, creative outlets. I developed a love for writing (which may explain why I am currently working on my 3rd degree) at a very early age. My eye for style manifested some time during high school. Whenever I find myself bored or in a rut, I turn to writing (poems, skits, journal entries) and fashion (shopping and styling). Tapping into your creative side helps develop confidence and expresses who you are. Honor yourself by utilizing your creative gift.

4. Get up, and WORKOUT.
Whenever I feel low, I go for a run. After a break up, I intensify my workout routine. Working out is when I have time to breathe, de-clutter my brain, and release some aggression. Also, exercise releases endorphins (the happy chemical) in the brain. And a body you can admire is self-gratifying. Do I really need to expound?

5. Get more SLEEP.
Research suggests adults that get less than seven (there goes my number again) hours of sleep have more difficulty concentrating and more mood issues. When you wake up refreshed, you feel a difference. Maybe you'll find that you actually ARE a morning person!

6. Learn to FORGIVE yourself and others.
We all make mistakes. Whether it was a friend who took advantage of that friendship, a significant other who cheated, or you failed to do something that caused so many other things to fall into shambles... You have to give people grace. Holding on to grudges, feeling guilty, waiting for a do-over that will never come just keep you from living in the now. Use setbacks as lessons. Forgive, and grow from the experience. You owe it to yourself.

7. INDULGE from time to time.
Often times we don't think of ourselves as deserving. We may go all out for our friends and family, while neglecting to make time for ourselves. There is nothing wrong with splurging on a spa day after you've saved for it; taking a day to sit around and do absolutely nothing; hire a maid for a day so you don't have to clean up for once; take a Friday off work just to sleep till noon. Every once in a while you have to treat yourself. Set a realistic goal, grind it out, then reward yourself once you accomplish it. Accomplishing the goal and getting a treat makes it a win-win!

I once read that "happiness" is a journey; not a destination. You have to constantly work on being happy. You won't necessarily be happy every day (unless you're a robot, and you're not... right?), but you'll see that over time, you become an overall happy person. When you're secure with yourself, can live freely, and make the choice to maintain your peace and joy, you've tapped into the sweetest life!

Thank you for stopping by and reading. 
Be good to yourself,

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Vested Interest

Although I am not a "summertime girl," I love the ease of the season. When else can you throw on a tank, some DIY cut-offs, a sleeveless blazer and call it a complete going-out look because you threw some heels on with it?
I'll wait for a response....
You really can't! And that's become my formula for easy summer chicness! 1. A flowy tank 2. a pair of shorts and 3. some sort of statement piece (in this instance, I chose two: the sleeveless blazer and the fringe sandals). And my rule of thumb is to keep it neutral! You can't go wrong! 

And can we talk about these heels? I love them! So comfy, so easy to wear, and they easily add a statement to an otherwise safe outfit. I'm into it!

Photo credit: Kaye McCoy
Sleeveless blazer: Style Moi // Chiffon tank: Nordstrom Rack (old) // Cut-off shorts: Goodwill x DIY // Fringe sandals: Go Jane // "Charlie" name necklace: Onecklace

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Rose Bar

I posted this outfit on Instagram over the weekend and to my surprise, I received so many inquiries about it. 

I figured I'd do a quick post about where everything came from. This is not a traditional thought-out blog post. Just wanted to share the deets all in one place lol! 

I wore this to a day party in the city. I knew I'd be standing up, smoking shisha, and dealing with an open-air venue (GA humidity and natural locks is like the battle between good and evil, I swear!) so I aimed to be comfy-cute. 

I'm glad I decided to focus on some comfort because the day party turned into a full on turn-up into the late night hours smh. 
My best bud and awesome photographer, Leesh! 
Photography by Alicia Anderson 


Blazer: similar>>

Cut-out Booties:

Thanks for stopping by and reading! I hope I answered any questions anyone had! 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Girls' Night

I haven't really had a full on girls' night since my daughter arrived. When I realized I had a free weekend (meaning no work, no events, and grandma was on duty), I took full advantage!
I went out for dinner, had a few cocktails, planned to go to a lounge, but that waiting in line situation is not for me, and just really enjoyed catching up with my friends. I had forgotten how much fun it is to get dressed up, made up, and enjoy the city. However, the turn up did get a little too real when I realized I had lost my ID and debit card. But whatever. I think it was worth it lol! I got my youth back!

This necklace is from MiaTris Jewelry Boutique and I am totally obsessed with it! I love purple and gold is my favorite metal. This necklace combines them both and although it looks pretty heavy, it's surprisingly light. It's weighted but not a burden to wear. I got so many compliments on this necklace all evening! 

Asymmetrical hem shift dress: 10 Dollar Mall // Booties: 10 Dollar Mall // "Egypt" statement necklace: Mia Tris (also comes in black & gold color combo)
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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Situational Dressing

Many questions come up when I'm going to events with my friends, like what part of town, who's hosting, what time does it start, and what time will we ACTUALLY get there (yes, I have time management issues and my friends are just as bad, if not worse). These are all important questions, but the million dollar question that seems to always rest on my shoulders is "What are you gonna wear?" Putting together the right look for a particular occasion is easy once you know all of the details and have a few guidelines to follow.
For me, I'm a very "it depends" kind of girl in my everyday attire. I can't pinpoint my style, but when it comes to getting ready for an event, I always consider:
  • Type of Event  
  • Time of day
  • Location
Thinking about these elements always makes it easy for me to pick an outfit for myself and to advise my friends with their styling choices. Here are two instances that I followed my 3 dressing criteria.
  1. Atlanta Thrift Fashion Showcase
  • Type of Event: Fashion Show
  • Time of day: Evening (6-9PM)
  • Location: Hilton Garden Hotel ballroom
For this event, I knew that I wanted to be flirty and glam. Because it was a fashion show, I knew that I'd be sitting down for most of the night, which allowed me to break out a pair of my "4-Hr shoes." You know, the shoes that are nice to look at but kill your baby toe within the first few hours of wear?? The show started at 6pm and normal rules for getting dressed don't really apply at night. You can pretty much get away with anything, so go bold! I love gold, so I chose this golden Kensie dress. I wanted to bring out the black stitching in the dress by wearing black and gold accessories and shoes.

I took matchy-matchy to the extreme by adding a sparkly gold smokey eye and nude lips into my makeup look.  Finally, with it being held at a hotel, and hotel events always seem serious, I wanted to look polished. I chose to add some old Hollywood curls to complete the polished look.
       2. She Networks Atlanta
  •  Type of Event: Female Entrepreneurs networking
  • Time of day: Afternoon (2-4PM)
  • Location: NM CafĂ©- Lenox
This event was a small gathering of black female business owners. It was the perfect opportunity to showcase my style, while still remaining professional as a business woman. I wanted to wear something that was simple, but still had some visual interest. A little black dress can go anywhere and this one from Kensie was perfect! I wish I had worn the button down shirt under it, like I had originally envisioned, but this minimalistic look worked as well. I was able to move freely, eat well, and maintain a look that let others know that I took my business seriously. I paired the dress with a pair of nude pointy-toed pumps, and simple gold jewelry. I ended up wearing the same curls from the day before. They fell quite a bit, but brushed out, they created a cool easy-going vibe. I kept my makeup very simple so it wouldn't distract from the fact that I am a wardrobe consultant and not a makeup artist.